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best selling book, the amateur. helix critically at president obama before and after he reached the white house. here is what he had to say. >> well, the book currently on your screen is -- has been several weeks on the new york times best several with list. many weeks as number one. written by anne klein, who is our guest on book tv on c-span2. we do get the title for this book? >> it came from a meeting that bill clinton had in jeff pacoima, new york, north of new york city where he has a home. he invited, this was back in august 2011. he invited his wife, his daughter, and a bunch of friends to meet with him because he had some news. .. the people around obama: did not understand how the real world works. that they had been responsible for losing america, its triple-a credit rating for the first time in its history and that barack obama was, in his words, an amateur. i spoke to two people at the meeting, and i heard that, i said, amateur, the perfect titlele for the book. >> president clinton denied it. >> he denied it, but hillary told her friends she suspected that of all
decided okay mr. obama, tell you what. we will put you out of business. bad as the war that is going on right now between the big new york banks, these trillionaire banks and the billionaire vulture funds. there is this massive war going on right now at the top of finance in that treehouse. the 1% is split, and we -- and we have the battlefield on which they play. now, what is our job? .. >> united latin american citizens and others, people for the american way, please, go to the groups, protect your vote, and at the back of the book, i don't want you to say, oh, my god, what do you do? the millionaires. we've won a lot of battles. we won the right to vote for african-americans at the end of the civil war, and won is again a hundred years later. we have to do it again. yeah, at the turn of the century, we have to win again at the turn of this century. 70% of the people over 65 who don't have qualified ids in wisconsin under their new id law to stop the fraud to end voters that don't exist, 70 #% of people who got id are women. it's not just a race issue. it's a gender issue. it's a c
into account in judging between incumbent barack obama and his challenger mitt romney. that is the jinx of the second term on many presidents. only seven of 19 presidents elective to a second term avoided having a troubled or failed second term. that would give the country about a 38% chance of obama and the nation experiencing an improved security and economic climate after four years if obama is reelected. i do not suggest the gamble should not be taken. simply that history interplay in with politics might give us pause. what does history predict about a second term for barack obama? were he reelected with so few presidents having success at that time in office? what are the challenges that face those who had troubled or failed second terms? what allowed others to succeed? can barack obama overcome these challengess if he is reelected to become a member of that select group of presidents that waded through the quagmire of a second term and somehow came through relatively unscathed? success in a second term does not imply there were not failures or significant stumbles. some even sever
that merits being taken into account in the incumbent barack obama and his challenger mitt romney. that is the jinx of the second term on so many presidents. only seven of 19 presidents elected to a second term avoided having a troubled or failed second term. that would give the country's 38% chance of obama and the nation experiencing the economic climate if obama is reelected. do not suggest the gamble shouldn't be taken. rather it is playing with politics might give us cause. what is the history project about a second term for barack obama were he free elective with so few presidents having success in that time in office. one of the challenges that face those that have troubled or failed the second term and would allow others to succeed and can barack obama overcome these challenges if he is reelected to become a member of that select group of presidents the we did for the quagmire of the second term and somehow came through relatively unscathed? success in the second term doesn't imply that they're one of failures or significant stumbles. some even severe during that then venu
be controversial. ises is revisionist history of the obama stimulus, and just about everybody hates the obama stimulus, and sometimes it feels like obama hates it, too, and won't say the word stimulus anymore. it's hard to blame him. a year after the task a percentage of americans who believe the stimulus created jobs was lower than the percentage of americans who believed elvis was alive. at one point, i told a story how obama told his cabinet that this stimulus was the only thing less popular than he was in any case, when you put the words change and obama this close together you're going to get yelled at. and the new new deal, right wingers don't accept the old knew del and left wingers don't think this spineless sellout of a president is fit to share a book jacket with the new deal. so i had a feel something readers wouldn't get past the first four words, and i was right. a few weeks ago i got this google alert that the new new deal was in the new republic. i was psyched because i've written a lot for that magazine. have a lot of friends there. i click on the link and it's a blog post by
book. and "mugged" racial demagoguery from the seventies to obama" i encourage your ready-to-eat it. i felt so on burgeoned and liberated i will get his rid of those bottled words. >> lazy, angry, constitution, e xperienced, holding down the fort, peanut butter, community organizer, the black hole and apartment and black share. i know i am not role i will say the most restatement that seems to be by the courage to view please forgive me they can most think of i am not voting for president obama. [applause] i feel better. say that to the person next you as well. all joking aside to bear huge tax on the aside they can say very toxic comments and not be held to the same standard. dr. hill you may have see the recent article 15 most over redid route -- white people from columbus, ronald reagan and is shakespeare. the only worse speaking those words than a black person and stepping out of line. stay q4 stepping up four per cent volume a. is a beef and near if it was not so wrong. liberty is meaningless and it is not just a freedom of speech i will leave you with this the most accurate comme
with the media and mitt romney 47 beset and barack obama. what was the media coverage like? >> this morning i just ran 47%. how much media outlets and what is the shelf life? it was relatively short. romney 47% but it has been about one month. but they are dragged back and by the opponent or by the events. i'm sure as we cannot of the debates somebody blows say i wonder if he will respond? the issue is which of these gaffe we need to pay attention? is that the true character flaw? we all make mistakes. but now with the internet and youtube now is distributed broadly and more quickly end to find out what barack obama said 1998. or what mitt romney said there was knocked one bit of coverage of the 47% in may. nobody told the story to the media. not until the video popped up. >> >> host: what politicians have they made in the past fettered fatal? >> we risk harry standing at for the republican nominee that will cut it to the use ways then he cannot remember. you say he is not ready for prime time. he has affected us here was elizabeth dole that came here to speak. so in the speech was aimed at t
that happenedded for race relations in america. that faded, it happened a long time ago, and along comes obama, the most liberal candidate on a mar joy party ticket to seek the presidency in the nation's history so, you know, it's a two -for for liberals. they are call him president. we are all back on egg shells again. admittedly, not delicately on those egg shoals. [laughter] thus my introduction. [laughter] i'm going to a debate party tonight, the host, has called me racist pizza debate party because he's having it in his apartment. [applause] apartment. get it? it's an apartment. [laughter] okay, maybe it's not taken as seriously, but it did work in 2008. more white people voted for obama in 2008 than voted for any democratic candidate for president in nearly 40 years, tieded with clinton and incumbent in 1996, and, you know, look at the wonders that produced. as always, white guilt produces only disaster. as it did in new york city, and frankly, as it has with obama. you can see my book, in -- in effect, in last week's debate, that was the first objective test obama faced. for four years,
, the presidential campaign of 2004, and 2008, and first lady michele obama and her role in the obama white house. i met rachel at an event this year where i bought a book, the book she wrote, "american tapestry: the story of the black, white, and multiracial ancestors of michelle obama". after hearing her talk, i'd bought six more copies. i bought them for all my family members and to give out as christmas gifts. now after having read her book i can tell you it was a good investment. it helps me better understand my own family and many mysteries surrounding my own family. rachel l. swams's book is a compelling story that stirs deep emotions. it is also a story that would break them here and with that, let's welcome rachel l. swams. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you for coming. in the years leading up to the presidential election, the focus seems to be on barack obama's roots and his family and the fact that he wrote his own biography. now in your book "american tapestry," you put the focus on michele obama. tell us about how you got started doing that and what inspired you. >> i was
is that they are doing precisely what the people who elected them with some do which was several back all obama initiatives, to cut spending, a lot of them doubt that the debt ceiling should not be increased under any circumstances, and to that degree they feel like that was a failure. but, no, they basically believe that their job is first to obstruct barack obama and then once there is a republican president in place to pass those initiatives that create a better business climate, more and more deregulation, the funding of programs that have never quite been near and dear to them. yes. i think that they do believe. and, of course, after you flash toward a bit, i expect to will talks about the debt ceiling fiasco of 2011, but after that summer when we were taken to the brink of fiscal clef, we are about to see again, the thinking on the part of the house republican leaders was, well, you know, maybe your tea party freshmen will go home, he yelled at by their constituents and realized in the you know, maybe compromise is not such a bad thing. the opposite occurred. they went home and the people
the capability to find people that are very difficult to find and targeting them barack obama gave a speech now famous in chicago that the anti-war rally against the pending invasion of iraq and obama's there to speak against invading iraq. but he wasn't comfortable this is the anti-war rally in their renault's who show up and he felt that of place even though he was close to invade iraq the point* was he was not against all wars but believed summer necessary and it just citing instances where that was the case. fed he felt the appropriate target were the leaders of the al qaeda who planned the attacks and he said i would take up arms against al qaeda myself. and maybe then he had dreams to become president of the united states but could not have been fish should powell to have his finger audit trigger. that no american impressive dance except president bush he is directly involved in the fight against terrorism and al qaeda. to the degree he could not have imagined to take up arms myself. i have good writing stories my whole life. it is says simple as 78 on the page sustain this you have disco
authors, "barack obama: the story," his book, first half of the two volume biography of the president. "the new deal: hidden story of change in the obama era," and the t.a.r.p. administrator writing an inside account of the experience called "bailout" so right now, that's beginning in a few minutes, but right now, we'll watch mr. patterson live here in miami. [inaudible conversations] >> hey, up there, yeah, yeah, yeah, if you come up there we'll do it. byrn-- bye-bye, thank you. you're going to the wrong one. [inaudible conversations] feels like one of those movies. [inaudible conversations] okay. right here? yeah, if you could, that would be great. okay. hi. here you go. first in the line, excellent. [inaudible conversations] thank you, thank you. hi. hi, how are you? >> okay, good. >>ed -- good. >> thank you so much. >> this is probably worth a little money. hi, how are you? >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. [inaudible conversations] from the miami area? >> no, i drove down here from clearwater. >> wow happen how long is drive is that? >> about five hours. >> really? wow. w
. barack obama's speech in 2004, makes him a national figure, and four years later, without that speech he is not a candidate for the presidency to lincoln gives a dazzling speak in new york. it is a beautiful testament to the quality of lincoln's mind, the research he does, the logical arguments. but when he ran for the senate -- when barack obama gave the speech in 2004 he was running for the senate in illinois and he won. abraham lincoln ran for the senate in illinois and he lost. you want to think about abraham lincoln in 1860, think about barack obama running for the presidency in 2008 if he had lost the illinois senate election, not if he had won it. that's the level of national security we're talking about here. >> harvard business school professor profiles historic and
obama and under by the way george bush -- it's not obama's bailout even though he pumps his chest and takes the applaud and beatings for it, was created by george w. bush voted in october and december. it was taken over by obama in the meantime. the a bomb administration picking up for bush came up with a deal to save three companies, general motors, chrysler and delphi. what is delphi? delphi is the old telco auto parts division of gm. you know delco batteries. we had gm that desperate to cut off its own parts and set off delphi as a separate company which immediately pretty quickly went bankrupt. well, down went the vulture's and they pick.delphi corp. out of bankruptcy court for 67 cents, a darned good deal for the entire auto parts division of general motors. 67 cents a share. within two years they flipped it. they went public at $22 a share. share. that is it 3200% prophet that they weren't done. they weren't done. delphi had 29 plans in the u.s. and the delphi group sold it back to gm and the rest, every single plant was sold, was sent off to china. every single uaw job, eve
was still a state senator in illinois obama gave a now famous speech in chicago at an anti-war rally. the rally was against the pending invasion of iraq and obama was there to speak against invading iraq, but he was uncomfortable because this was an antiwar rally and familiar anti-war types from the chicago area who show up at every anti-war rally, and he felt out of place because even though he was opposed to invading iraq, the point of the speech was he was not against all wars, some were necessary, just, and cited instances in history where he thought that was the case and felt the appropriate target for the united states were the leaders of al-qaeda, the men who planned the attacks on this country in 2001, and he said i would take up arms against al-qaeda myself. well, at that point, maybe he had dreams then in 2003 of someday becoming president of the united states, but he could not have envaitioned -- envisioned how. to the extent that no american president had perhaps president bush at the end of his last term. you know, the president of the united states is directly involved
. it is about 3.5 years of negotiations between the obama white house and the republicans in congress and the democrats. how they essentially tried to bring the federal government's financial house to some kind of order. the answer is they failed. we have a federal government whose financial house is in total disorder, total disarray. it is a historic problem. to try to put it in english, we have a trillion dollars of iou outstanding in the world. the negotiations, they agreed to raise what they call the debt ceiling, so the government can borrow a couple more trillion dollars. we are going to run it run out of that borrowing authority january or february of next year. they're going to have to go back and authorized congress for more trillions of dollars of borrowing. the republicans and lots of people in congress don't want to authorize that. so there is going to be a bloody negotiation, unless they can work a deal. in a sense, this is a book about the past, but it's about the present. it is about where we are going and what the country's future is. if you think about it i would argu
was dumbfounded. and they also said they love obama. >> well, i don't. i don't. >> and so with those comments it makes me wonder how you, at 28, love us so much spent it's a great question, and i think -- >> i love australia by the way. i've been there three times, but i love this country more. >> thank you very much for your questions, and it is a very good question. unfortunately, there are a lot of people in australia, right around the world that considered a resident barack obama to be a good president. considering him to be healthy for the state of the american nation. i profoundly disagree. i believe that america is an exceptional nation and deserves an exceptional president. and my greatest issue with president obama was his interview with a reporter what he was directly asked whether or not he believed in american exceptionalism. and his response was rather telling. he said yes, i believe in american exceptionalism, much like i believe in british and a greek might believe in greek exceptionalism. wellies and gentlemen that can only be one exceptional. and it would appear with that sta
between president clinton and president obama and how the role works? >> none of us knows full be what the relationship is accept bill clinton made a very conscious decision that it was to his self-interest and the interest of the democratic party and barack obama and his wife that he become instrumental in making the case for obama's reelection that obama could not make himself. no one is better at mastering the arithmetic as he called of these complicated questions. the number of things on the table at the democratic convention and talk us through were incredible. he just has that ability. probably the high point of his political life. they are very different people. probably the two smartest people who were of president of the united states but bill clinton was someone who could never make up his mind. he would make a decision and then reverse it. you was up at 3:00 in the morning debating these things. barack obama -- he gets all the opinions and here's the mouth and he has a sense of his time frame to make a decision and then he makes a decision. they are very different in style.
. this is an appropriate day for talking about "regulating to disaster" because president obama promised once more to develop the energy sources of the future. when any administration, republican or democrat decides to develop energy projects, taxpayers had better watch out. governments get in the business of picking winners and losers which leads to cronyism and wasted taxpayer dollars. this is the question of industrial policy, whether government should support business ventures in new technologies that are unable to secure private funding. government appears to be worse at this than private markets from the records we have over the past five years. in contrast in a speech in california in may, mitt romney said, quote, the president doesn't understand when you invest like that in one solar energy company it makes it harder for solar technology generally because the other entrepreneurs in the solar field suddenly lost their opportunity to get capital. who wants to put money into a solar company when the government put half a billion dollars into one of its choice. excellent question. i wrote this
so virginia was still look for oil could do so. that was revoked by the obama administration ever alaska wants to do more exploration. everybody once again sources of energy in their states' also to have manufacturing companies it seems clear. i would like to thank you for listening and i would be happy to take any questions. [applause] >> among the natural guest reserves and by some fluke you have governor cuomo with the potential for hydro-fracking and the decision would you say? >> look at the example of pennsylvania they have not experienced environmental problems. with your budget deficit it is seems obvious that hydro-fracking it is the way to go. to ensure the safety of water quality that residents are concerned about. the project should proceed it brought benefit to other states there it is no reason the york should be left behind. >> i want to ask you a very good example of unsuccessful creation of the new green jobs. had the look at the elimination of the cost benefit? >> the cost-benefit analysis was a travesty. look carefully all the benefits for reducing mercury came
they found a way. and in this case obama did not find a way. the leader of this country is the president. and if things go well or not well, it's going to be that these things happened in the obama era, not the john boehner era. and presidents have to lead, and presidents have to learn how. and in this case we got up to the goal line. he didn't take it over the end, the finish line here. and so we live in a country -- [applause] with those, where the maximum burden is on the president. but if you, when you, if you look at the book, you will see that dealing with the republicans is not really an easy thing. and as -- [applause] i left to value office, president obama said, you know, if bob dole or newt gingrich had .. >> well thanks for coming out on a random wednesday night. i really appreciate it. i apologize for my voice. i have a cold that i caught from my 2-year-old, but, anyway, again, this is the book. it came out two weeks ago. my first book was about my relationship with my adopted black brother, david, and growing up in a rural town in indiana, and then being se
a lot of these discussions have been about how the republicans rolled back the obama administration, making we can then ultimately overtaken and how they maintain that power once they have it. i mean, cloaked in the argument of what is good for america, but there is not allow a policy prescription in there. >> thank you. >> this event took place at the seventeenth annual texas book festival in austin, texas. for more information visit >> tell us when you think of your programming this weekend. comment on our facebook call or send us an e-mail. nonfiction books every weekend on c-span2. >> next, chrystia freeland talked about a rise of the superrich, the.-- the top of the population and the impact they have in the world. this is hosted by politics and prose bookstore in washington d.c. and it is about an hour. [applause] >> thanks a lot. sorry to keep everyone waiting. i will say a few things about what is in the book. as i have been doing some interviews with my book, a favored way of interviewers in the conversation is to save the rich have always been
with education. >> paul, you wrote in the new york times magazine the obama before he was elected and the obama in the white house having different towns about posture. using the changes if he gets a second term? goes back to the tone he had before? >> i wrote about his policies around poverty and he stopped talking about poverty the last couple years. i would like to think he would go back to poverty in 2007. .. >> the low-income population grew 71%. the english language learning population grew 169%. these are the issues we have to address in this state. thank you all for joining us up. [laughter] >> this event took place at the 17th annual texas book festival in austin, texas. for more information about the festival visit >> brooke stoddard joined booktv at george mason university in virginia to talk about his book, "world in the balance." mr. stoddard was one of the authors appearing at the fall for the book festival, held annually at the university. this is just under half an hour. >> and you're watching booktv tv on c-span2. we are on location at george mason univer
whether or not the law obama is one example whether they were constitutional. >> i don't want to talk about 2012. i'm tired of 2012. let's talk about the future. 2012 wasn't a very good one for us. we have to figure out a way to appeal to a bigger e welcome or it rate. >> are you running for president? >> that's classified. your clearance is not high enough to hear that. part of the national debate, i think it's too early to make decision. >> "government bullies," the second book by senator rand paul. how everyday americans americans are being harassed. >>> booktv attends a book fair. she signs book for american for tax reform here in washington. the book is "mugged: racial demagoguery from the seventies to obama." this is about twenty minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> how are you? we'll sign it later? >> okay. okay. >> ready? >> yeah. [inaudible conversations] >> hello. hello. hello. thank you for coming. thank you for writing the book. >> have i met you before -- [inaudible] >> nice to meet you. >> hello. hello. >> nice to meet you. >> gary john soon? no. after wednesday night
. a group of celebrities that pledge allegiance to obama made to a degree but not in kind and when to begin pledging allegiance to human beings? [applause] i brought this along because joe wrote this book. this is what my 13 year-old brought home from public school. are you a democrat or republican? on gun-control a republican once to have without restriction. environment, democrats want to restrict the park lands and republican does not want to pass pollution laws that would cost them money. is this taxation without representation? then i don't know what is. from my public-school. [applause] exhortations from the left it insurers no one would adopt them accidentally. it is a pledge of allegiance but lack of reason and shows a must be repeated as such and every instance rotation be introduced by the other side. should the myth the obsessive of where be repressed to see the recruit who was to begin each response with the sir has the was instructed to offer himself for sacks. this was noted by the psychologist where the individual overcome is shocked into compulsive obsession. as with housegu
and appeals from those judgments are now before the supreme court, not brought by the government and obama administration believes that laws unconstitutional but wrought by the house of representatives which has the right to defend an act of congress that the president chooses not to defend. i think it's a sure bet that the court will undertake the defense of marriage act again because there are judgments in the lower court saying it's unconstitutional. so again, that is the agenda setting function and what we are going to be hearing about, debating and talking about and ultimately getting a decision. it really lies in the power of the court and a very major and i said under appreciated power. one question that it raises really is how did the justices know what's important? how do they know what they should be deciding? obviously when people bring their appeals to the spin court they lay out the case and the format of one of these petitions question presents what it is they want the court to decide. they have 30 pages to make their case. the court should hear them out. the justices live in
but he bought three condos. that means a certain distance from the middle class. with the obama phenomenon is the growing sense how can they feel victimized? there is a man named dan who was an activist investor. becoming the ceo of yahoo! but december 2010 he said to be mailed to his friends and the subject heading was battered wives. to except the and abuse of president obama the email says written in the voice of a battered wife he really loves us when he hit the seed is not needed and most of the time the bruises do not show. seriously. another man named tj rogers investor of a semiconductor company said he feels the victim and -- victimization of the super turk -- super rich is so extreme they are like the depressed ethnic minority. the president should be ashamed to treat them this way because he knows what it is like. truth. for the hitler analogy? it is just commonplace. with a carried interest is a particular benefit famously comparing himself to invading poland and then as part of getting my book out there which by the way there are so many parallels with the rise of b
was still a state senator in illinois, barack obama gave his speech, now a famous speech in chicago at an antiwar rally. the rally was against the pending invasion iraq and obama was a to speak against invading iraq. but he was uncomfortable because this is an antiwar rally and they were familiar antiwar types from the chicago area who show up at every antiwar rally and he felt out of place because even though he was supposed to invading iraq, the point of the speech was that he was not against all wars, did he believe some wars were necessary and just and he cited incidents in history where he thought that was the case. and then he said that he felt the appropriate target for the united states or the leaders of al qaeda, the men who planned the attacks on this country in 2001. and he said, i would take up arms against al qaeda myself. well, at that point, maybe he had dreams even then at 2003 of someday becoming president of the united states, but he certainly could never have envisioned how about office he would have essentially his finger on the trigger to an extent that most ame
a television ad in which they pledged allegiance to obama. this may differ in degree. when in the world can we begin pledging allegiance to human beings? [applause] i brought this along. he and his daughter wrote this great book. this is what my child, my 13 year old, brought on from public school. are you a democrat of republican? on gun control a democrat wants to restrict the number and amount of guns. republican wants to allow guns without restriction. democrat was to make factories reduce pollution. a republican wants not to pass pollution laws that would cause factories money. this is the way schools. it does not taxation without representation, i don't know what is. but unreasonable and inconsistent. it ensures that no one will adopt them accidently. they are thus a perfect pledge of allegiance. a lack of reason ensures that there must be continually repeated as such and that every possible instance or occasion be introduced by faith. should the leftists amid the obsessive incantations the repressed wis might actually -- accidently see also the marine recruiter who is or was thrilled to
florida total, barack obama did when the state of florida barely edging out al gore. another problem for our state. florida, you can spell it without the. and honestly, if you go to that date county election bureau official website it says election ready. it does. almost impossible this could happen. twelve years ago. everyone remembers 2000. they could not figure out which will. people of florida, if you are behind -- year in a left turn lane with and marijuana pointing left and behind a car, usually is to people in the 1998 buick. a light changes, there's a green arrow pointing left. with the flock. usually have to wait a couple of cycles. what i want to do is to make it more friendly for florida voters. instead of using words, pictures. you would go by poking under candid it's eyeballs. follow what happened, the poke up their own eyeballs. the ballot was really, really long. long questions are written by lawyers from mars. at first it was an english, and then it was in spanish. then it was in creole and then calling on. by the time you get to the yes or no part you have to go back
the teachers have an effect the family does and that is why you quote barack obama saying in 2007, that is what i say every time i am engaged in teacher effectiveness, but that is the hardest lever to control through public policy. where are the boundaries? >> i will take that on. a lot of my reporting took place in high poverty neighborhoods. obama on the south side of chicago. my sense is what is going on in a lot of those neighborhoods is kids are surrounded by a disadvantage that goes so far beyond their school. involves neighborhoods, families, environment in which they live in every way and schools are a useful tool for trying to counter that environmental difficulty, to give them the skills they need to do well in life. it becomes clear to anyone who spent time in those neighborhoods that schools alone are not enough and there are some pretty experimental and innovative interventions that work directly with families, and especially in the first few years of the child's like to try to change that environment in a positive way and support families, support parents who are very eager to get
is called showdown the inside story hal obama's fought back. is the showdown referring to any specific incident or politics in general? >> both. it is behind the scenes account what happened in the white house after the 2010 election. when the republicans and tea party knocked barack obama for a loop taking control of the house. the tax cut deal, fights over the budget, the debt ceiling, deficit reduction, egypt, libya, and how obama's made the decision and took the actions he to go up but to explain how this is done to set up the 2012 campaign. he had a theory he could make the 2012 race a choice between different approaches to government and everything he did he tried to temper temper -- to other at to a choice. we did not know how things would end up on 2012 but i looked at his governing and elected strategy and it culminated. this is the back story of what happened in the presidential campaign. >> host: david corn. showdown is his most recent book that the national press club >> host: professor, we are here to talk about your book indispensable. i want to say this is a delightful b
? and listen, i backed president obama when he took out osama bin laden. and listen, if you're an obama fan or not, here is the irony of the situation but president obama and president bush acted as a team to get osama bin laden. i see some funny faces no. let me explain that he. they didn't plan on working as a team, okay? just happened that way. president obama did have to make the gutsy call to violate another nations foreign sovereignty to go in and take this man, and you get right. he didn't tell them we're coming. i guarantee if somebody would've been waiting on us. but he admitted that he wasn't for waterboarding. guess what? president bush okayed waterboarding that broke ksm that told him what occurred was that was going through the compound. so it took both presidents doing what they thought was right and an active teamwork that they didn't know they were doing to get the job done. but why is it considered a weakness for one party to ask another part to help about? or how simple is this? i really don't have all the answers. i'll to you what, if we can sit down and like talk to some
author called the battle for health care obama as reform for america's future is a nonpartisan analysis of health care reform and we are headed. i approached writing that book with a question how did this happen. since the time of franklin roosevelt america has tried to have universal health insurance coverage in this country that tried for decades but it failed. how did happen this time? what went on behind the scenes in the deals the for done for the important players in that what went on? what made it happen? with a special ingredients? and it america get a good deal we will talk a lot about that today. will health care be favored? will there be less over treatment? for you and future physicians there are many residents in this room today. what will healthcare look like you as a future physician? really important question. finally, did we build and health care reform a sustainable system? we build a house but it will be one that generations will be able to levin. let's get started. last night at dinner we were talking about applying for the underinsured here and they come in with adv
and they were prepared to do large-scale. we have slowly tried to improve that. to the obama's administration credit he said the high value detainee interrogation group which is an agency group which sends out interrogators' every time a high value is teaching and there is a research unit that stood out to study best practices and spend them out into the training academies thus training practices about interrogation and that's been up and running for a few years and has already -- i know improved training techniques to respect michael skerker is a professor of the u.s. naval academy and the author of this book's an ethics of interrogation. here it is. this is book tv at the u.s. naval academy. >>> professor maochun yu talked with the strategic services in china and the failure and success. this interview which was of the u.s. naval academy in annapolis maryland is a part of booktv college series. it's about 20 minutes.
is a consumer good in peacetime? what is a consumer good in wartime? is a tank or a bullet or obama. any consumer would gladly forgo other products to buy that if it means they stay alive. so the first thing you have to recognize is that in wartime, people are redirecting their purchasing power and efforts away from consumer goods into wartime goods. the second thing i would argue is that in fact, world war ii does stimulate, but not for all of the demand side keynesian reasons that are usually given. it stimulates because it's a giant supply-side primer. what happens is americans have nothing to buy for four years. no factories are making any cars. they are not making any consumer items at all. there is nothing to buy so most americans certainly with the urging of their government, in fast and they invest in savings bonds. so at the end of four and a half or five years they come out and they have all this pent up demand but they also have invested for four years and business now has the ability to go in and make a giant supply-side investment. i think it is killed or asked response to a
harry truman to barack obama with the exception of lyndon johnson, who tried, but failed to meet her. i remember being impressed when an official told me at the memorial service at st. paul's cathedral, after the 9/11 attacks, the queen sang every single word of the american national anthem. and i would bet that there aren't any presidents who can sing all of the words to god save the queen. since we are here today, on the national mall, i thought i would focus on the queen's fondness works for this country, those little known and well known, and in so doing, illuminate the queen to help understand her better. it was most often played out in state visits here when it was written. one was the first came to washington in 1951, she was a 25-year-old princess, only months away from becoming queen. harry truman was completely smitten, announcing that when everyone becomes acquainted with you, they immediately followed that with you. like those who followed him, truman was surprised that elizabeth was so much more approachable than she seemed in her public image. dwight eisenhower had known p
in afghanistan. and the very same terrain that president obama's troop surge unfolded in over the past couple of years. in my history of obama's surge, in my examination of it, i actually start back in the 1940s in this remarkable period of american assistance to afghanistan, a period of great optimism when we built this town there that the afghans started calling little america complete with a co-ed high school, a swimming pool where boys and girls would swim together, a clubhouse where you could get a gin and tonic. it was a period of great promise for the americans and afghans, and i use that as the opening for this book that talks about the great hope and tragedy of our war in afghanistan today. >> host: does little america still exist? >> guest: it does. it's the capital of helmand province. so it looks nothing like it did way back then. the suburban-style tract homes, white stucco walls have been sort of built over. there there's no more swimming pool, and it's not quite as safe of a place as it was six decades ago, unfortunately. >> host: now, for americans six decades is a long time,
issues relates to inequality. we have seen a tremendous amount of fights in ohio between romney and obama about the role of china. >> several different pieces there. one of them -- just coming back to, why is our economy depressed? we used to have much higher savings rates than we do now. how were we able to have full employment, given that? we did not have large budget deficits. what makes it so much harder? and it's adding up. it gives the persistent trade deficit. we used to not have one and now we do, and it is a big drag on the economy. the trade deficit is significantly down. we have had some -- the u.s. has actually become more competitive, but that's a front on which we need to work. there is a -- the trouble is the political debate has not kept up with the reality. at it all about china. actually, china is no longer the core of that. it's a much broader set of countries. those need to be work on. i hope the next president, instead of not just crude china bashing but what to do to have a world that is no -- we don't have everybody trying to run a trade surplus, which the germans b
. how much of president obama's interest in having him go somewhere was political to get him out of the way, and the other part, part of a question and part of a concern, petraeus was a great consumer of intelligence but on the other hand it appears to newspaper readers that there is a militarization of the cia going on. that is the core underneath the question and he was elected in part because of special operations background and his use of all those devices in order to move this process within the cia further than it has been in the past which should be of some concern. if you could comment on appreciate it. >> doesn't talk much about the direction of the agency's, but if you look at open source reporting since he has come in to the agency, the number of months he has been there, five months, there have been more drone strikes in five months than norman panetta. but they have been more effective, they took out seven of the top 20 al qaeda and now we're seeing them change because some of the strike numbers have gone down lately. i don't know how to read into that. does that mea
in the first two years of the obama administration. she wrote that she argued that nation states should see the degree of sovereignty to what she calls transnational networks. vertically, this is a direct quote, nations should seed sovereign authority to supernational institutions like the international criminal court, vertically, something above the nations, supernational institution. she maintains such transparent networks, quote, can perform many of the functions of a world government, legislation, administration, and adjudication without the form thereby creating an effective global rule of law." well, she was the person, policy planning, the key think tank of the state department the first two years of the obama administration. a republican i'll mention, currently the president of the council on foreign relations, a special assistant to president george hw bush, and during the administration of the george w. bush, was directer of policy and planning, and richard says it's time to rethink sovereignty. he argues that they are not weaker in reality, but it needs to become weaker. states s
obama speech in 2004. this dazzling rhetorical masterpiece that instantly makes him a national figure and four years later without that speech he is not it all up full candidates candidate so lincoln gets a dazzling speech in new york at the cooper union, beautiful testament to the quality of lincoln's line, the research researcher does the logical argument. it's a fantastic speech well worthy of praise that when he ran for the senate, barack obama gave his speech in 2004 he was running for the senate in illinois and the one. abraham lincoln ran for the senate in illinois and the loss. think about a family can in 1860, think about barack obama running for the presidency in 2008 if he had lost the illinois senate election. but there level of national security we are talking about here. it. >> now on booktv, as james hagerty of "the wall street journal" talks about the 1938 creation and 70 year history of the mortgage giant fannie mae. it's about an hour and 15. >> thank you all very much for being here and good afternoon. welcome to our book forum, "the fateful history of fannie mae,"
. i think to the obama administration's credit when he came into office to set up something called the high
barack obama is just a scratch away from racism? i mean, people are smart enough to know how not to sound racist. so i think that's part of it. you know, let's remember that gay weightman outwait and we have benefited from that privilege forever and there is a lot of racism were to be done within the gay community. another observation that i would make. it's just a guess. but the president came out -- quickly finish that sentence. but if that makes the headlines tomorrow, i'm going to find out who did it. when a president came out for marriage equality, never paused there. when he came up for marriage equality, at least the polls showed that within the african-american community jumped from like 37% to 54% or something. it was a sizable leap. what i think that answers african-americans have been doing their work on this issue and the president's announcement i think gave them cover, you know, sort of like it is okay to go public with it in a way that perhaps they hadn't before. so i think we're making progress. d., irene monroe, whom i think most of you know, who i just absolutely adore s
and planning -- or the third person -- at the u.s. state department during the first two years of the obama administration. anne marie thought wrote that -- she argued that nation-states should see the degree of sovereignty to what she called transnational networks. vertically, this is a direct quote, nations should cede sovereign authority to supernational institutions such as the international criminal court. so vertically. there'd be something above the nation, supernational institution. slaughter maintains that such transparent networks, quote -- this is a quote from slaughter: can perform many of the functions of a world government; legislation, administration and adjudication without the forum. thereby creating an effective global rule of law. well, she was the person and policy planning, the key think tank of the state department first two years of the obama administration. but there's also a republican i'm going to mention here, richard haas. he's currently the president of the council on foreign relations, and he was a special assistant to president george h.w. bush, and during the
in documenting, researching and working practically in human trafficking. president obama said the global initiative announced in a major direction on this topic. very many people who work on this topic to help with the forward an agenda. but luis is one of them and she really deserves a lot of credit. >> host: we've been talking with philip auerswald. "the coming prosperity: how entrepreneurs are transforming the global economy," his most recent work. booktv on location at george mason university. >> host: >> it was almost two years ago i decided it was time to run a fact based primer on gay writes, hence the title of the book. number one, challenge the religious right on this zone turf and to show much of what they derisively
romney presidency as opposed to a continued barack obama presidency, and, ed, i'm going to start with you. >> i think the track record of the national government with cities is very, very weak, and i think that that's true under both parties. occasionally, very well meaning but weak, and occasionally not so well meaning but weak. and i think that's the larger challenge, how to create an urban agenda that actually makes sense. one that doesn't and, again, you know, this means pushing back on policies that mean massive spending on highways with general tax revenues. i mean, president obama's the most urban president we've had since ted key roosevelt in many -- teddy roosevelt in many ways. the latest highway bill, we had a mass infusion of general revenues instead of gas taxes to pay for drivers. i have no idea why we are bribing people to drive long distances. i believe that people should be free to drive if they pay for the social costs of their actions. but we shouldn't be bribing them to do this. we shouldn't be engaging in social engineering that uses federal tax policy to massively su
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